Walking At Wilsons Prom

The multitude of walks available at Wilsons Prom take you through such varied and beautiful scenery you could spend two weeks there and still not see it all.

When my daughter was only little (between the ages of 6 to 10), she came on almost all of the walk I ever did at The Prom. These days we remember it with fondness and laughter. We’d often play pranks and scare each other along the way. She’d sometimes wear the most inappropriate clothes, as sometimes children do … pants dragging on the ground, forgetting to bring something warm, uncomfortable footwear etc.

But because of those things we’ve since laughed and laughed. This terrific National Park on the south eastern tip of Australia has provided us with wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

On this page are a just a few of my favourite photographs of the walking tracks at Wilsons Prom …  and here is the complete Gallery of walking, road, bridge and boardwalk pictures.


Tarra Bulga National Park Photos

Beautiful Photo Of Corrigans Walk Way Bridge

It’s easy to line up photos of straight angled images such as bridges, fences and power lines, but it’s often more difficult in low light conditions like the shaded and sheltered rain-forested national parks in Victoria. I love the way the tree ferns and even the dried leaves on the Blackwood trees, enhance the directness of this path way.

Suspension Bridges always amaze me with their strength of construction … and this one at Tarra Bulga in Victoria, Australia is no different. The park has many other interesting features, waterfalls, walking tracks, a visitor center, gigantic tree ferns, picnic benches and BBQ’s, huge Mountain Ash trees.

The walking tracks here are fantastic, and much safer to use in the drier summer months when the boardwalks aren’t so slippery. This national Park has a mystical quality and it wouldn’t surprise me if a forest fairy poked it’s head out from behind a large tree root – but then I can always image!

It’s been a while since I took pictures in Tarra Bulga National Park, and I look forward to going back again really soon.


Grey Kangaroos Encroaching On Towns

While most tourists (especially those from Asia and Europe) delight in seeing native wildlife when traveling through South Gippsland, over the last 20 years or so, more of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo have been noticed on farmland and roadsides where the smaller wallabies once reigned supreme.

On our property in Foster, they didn’t bother us much as they easily bounded over the fences and really only stooped underneath them where wombats had previously left their dugouts. We occasionally spotted them grazing on short tufts of grass in the early morning or evenings, but if you want to see them in hoards, a trip to Wilsons Prom National Park will always net you the best pictures.

This one was seen near the small township of Meeniyan and seemed to be fairly accustomed to seeing the odd human or two.


Stunning Nature Shots From Yanakie

Pictures of plants found commonly on the beach and tracks around Yanakie and Corner Inlet near the entrance to Wilsons Prom National Park.

These photos from Yanakie include a covered walking track, shrubs, water plants, natural granite rocks, fungi, gnarled tree stumps, sunset scenes, berries, Australian native correa, moss branches and more.

Older Style Renovated House

As one of the oldest established communities in South Gippsland, Leongatha is home to a variety of period style houses and historic buildings. The greens and yellows of this house in one of the neat and tidy side streets, blends beautifully with the large tree in front that’s only just holding on to the last of its’ autumn leaves.

The real estate here is reasonably priced and tends to hold its value quite well. Country areas don’t seem to get the extreme fluctuations in price that the fast paced trendy city areas attract. I’ve made a chunk of money investing in the country, but don’t expect great rental returns on residential properties in most locations, instead, the homes I’ve owned and renovated around Foster and Mount Best, increased in value tremendously in only a few years. Very happy about that :-)

See more photos from Leongatha here.