Toora Wind Farm

The view from Mount Best over the Toora Windfarm

These controversial yet practical wind turbines are located at Toora, South Gippsland in Australia. Some people like the idea of alternative energy, but don’t accept the large windmills that need to be added to the coastal landscape.

The debate still causes problems in some of these small communities. To read more about it, go to and then tell us what you think.


2 comments on “Toora Wind Farm

  1. Thanks so much for providing a renewable resource that will assist generations to come. I am currently studying Wind power as a sustainable alternative resource to other non-renewable resources and Im quietly impressed with your pioneering endeavours. As I have gathered during my studies wind is problematic as a constant source of energy, however, in our past history, sometimes a thing of greatness comes with significant challenges. Best of luck, and thanks again, Andrea


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