Australian Native Lilly Pilly Berries

The native berries that grow on these large Lilly Pilly Trees in Australia are incredibly attractive as well as useful…some varieties can be used to make jam and other treats.

To see more photos of other plants that grow naturally in Southern Victoria, visit . While you’re there, you might like to check out the other pages about native Australian animals and coastal flora too.


4 comments on “Australian Native Lilly Pilly Berries

  1. We are looking for a lilly pilly that only grows apox 6 feet tall to have as a scren as we live by a busy road. 6ft because its on a slop and we dont want the sun blocked out. can you sergest a sutable lilly pilly. Kind regards jo Coyle.


  2. Hello Jo,

    Thanks for your message. I’m a photographer, not a horticulturist. You might like to check your local native nursery for some suggestions.

    I do know that lilly pillies respond well to pruning, so if you keep them trimmed, they shouldn’t over grow your garden.

    All the best,



  3. I live in Brazil and would like to have some plants to attract birds to my backyard.
    if you want that someone will donate some seeds of this and other please contact me.
    thanks to Mother Nature


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