Compost Bin In The Primary School Kitchen Garden

Compost Bin At Foster Primary School

The Primary School in Foster South Gippsland, Victoria has an amazing kitchen garden. The project was originally initiated by one of our local residents and Stephanie Alexander (famous Australian chef and Restaurateur) and thankfully the education department agreed to include gardening and cooking in the curriculum.

How lucky we are that our children are learning the fundamentals of growing vegetable, tending a garden, recycling kitchen waste and cooking the produce.

A series of photographs of this special garden and school are on the Internet for you to see at…enjoy!

By the way, my daughter thinks that photos of a compost bin is disgusting…I just find the beauty in organic matter and appreciate the value it brings to the environment.

I do use a worm farm at home though…made in an old bathtub and covered with a recycled door. The plants growing all around it make what might otherwise be an unsightly mess, into a functional garden feature.

I bottle the liquid that comes out through the plug hole…we call it liquid gold – so good it could probably be sold!

Then in a few months in the warmer weather, the rich but gentle organic material can be taken out and put straight on the garden.

It makes great seed raising mix too!


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