Ned Kelly Mailbox – Port Albert

Watch Out For This Ned Kelly Mailbox on the road to Port Albert

Port Albert (between Yarram and Welshpool on the South Gippsland Highway in Victoria) is one of those places with charm and historical significance.

It is just being discovered as a place to buy reasonably priced seaside units and villas.

Several weeks ago when I took this photograph, the film crew from the travel show “Getaway” were doing a feature on the area. Port Alberts’ popularity is lightly to grow even more as a result.

The foreshore is being redeveloped too. It already has an award winning fish and chips shop right on the waterfront, and the owners have just opened a bistro/cafe/restaurant in the beautiful new building next door.

But you’ll ind more information and great photographs at, and by the way, the Ned Kelly mailbox isn’t the only quirky thing in the area…there’s lots of surprises to be had in South Gippsland.


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