Beautiful Walkerville South Beach In Winter

Walkerville South Beach, South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

If you have never been to Walkerville in South Gippsland then maybe this photograph will give you an indication of how beautiful the area really is…I know that most beaches are beautiful, but the beach at Walkerville South has historic features that are exclusive to this area.

For a start, it is the site of old Lime Kilns that were used in the late 1800’s and the earlier 1900’s. Some of the kilns still remain, some partly preserved and thankfully cared for by Parks Victoria.

It really is quite amazing to walk along the beach, explore the caves and rockpools and marvel at how the incredible kilns have survived the weather and sea water washing over their foundations…though the erosion and degradation can easily be seen.

There is a question as to whether the kilns should be rebuilt…whether replicas should be made instead…and who should be responsible to take on the huge task of preserving them for the historical benefit they bring to our country.

More photographs of Walkerville, South, Walkerville North and the lime kilns can be found at and are available to use under a special License. To find out how easy it is to use photographs from this website and legally, go to

13 comments on “Beautiful Walkerville South Beach In Winter

  1. Hi, great pics. We found Walkerville about 18mths ago and bought a block the next day in prom veiws estate up the top of the hill for about 75k. We could not believe the price when we had a look on the net, after walking along the beach we were expecting maybee 150k+.
    We have just got our planning approval etc to build a house. We are building a small (about 10sq house designed around an internal courtyard) and packing up the family and moving there to live. We have spent nearly every weekend down there in a small caravan on the block, fishing and swiming and walking on the beach.

    We may have to live on fish and rice but can’t wait to escape the burbs and become beach bums. No more traffic lights.

    Cheers Paul.


  2. Great story Paul…I’ve probably driven past your block quite a few times. I moved out to Foster from Melbourne about 6 years ago…best thing I ever did.

    Besides being a beautiful area to live in, South Gippsland has the most supportive and friendly communities I’ve ever come across…I think you and your family will love it here.

    I gave up my disposable income to get here too, so I can understand the diet of fish and rice scenario. But the thing is, you don’t need to spend as much money to make yourself happy when you live in a peaceful paradise like this…and I don’t need holidays – my whole life is a holiday.

    All the best to you all,



  3. hi paul and elizabeth. just read your reviews…..

    you guys are living my dream. i agree with you elizabeth, why book holidays and live in a rat race when you can live a premanent holiday??

    can you guys tell me if there are any surf spots in the area? does waratah bay get any swell, and how often (if any)




  4. Nice to hear from you Craig…

    As I’m not a surfer myself I can only tell you that I have seen surfers on most sections of the coast here, Waratah Bay included. I don’t think it’s anything like Gunnamatta or Cape Woolamai but if you’re in the area and you love to surf, you’ll probably catch a few waves just for fun.

    Have a great time…


  5. Morgans beach is not fair from south walkerville, you can only get there by foot, but it is amazing.. you also get some swell as walky north


  6. Hi, Nice to hear other people are getting to enjoy this part of the world.
    Who needs the Great Ocean Road.!. We have a beautiful, natural and unspoiled coastline and magnificent views of Wilsons Promontory.
    We count ourselves very fortunate..
    Nice photos.


  7. Hi guys
    i’ve been on the search to escape the city and find a beautiful place in a coastal community to live. after doing a bit of research on the area i went to walkerville & camped at the caravan park for a few days over january. i loved it so much that i bought a block within a week of getting back to melbourne. now im putting all my efforts into saving & building a house with the hope of relocating in the near future. cant believe im living my dream at the ripe old age of 31. jill i too feel blessed!


  8. Hey Jill and David … how nice to have you here … as you can see there’s plenty of space and frankly I think we need to see more people living their dreams instead of living in places they don’t enjoy. It really is a very, very special place. The community is generally very friendly and we attract people from all sorts of professions adding to the eclectic mix of talent. Glad to have you here.

    All the best,



  9. Hi all,
    Sorry to put a dampener on this otherwise positive & friendly forum. My block purchase in prom views fell through & i am absolutely devastated! Does anybody know of any land for sale in Walkerville, specifically prom views? A bit of a strange request i know but any assistance would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, fingers crossed!


  10. Sorry for your loss David. The real estate agents are generally the best source. Perhaps you are meant to look slightly further afield … there are magnificent views of the prom from many other places as well … and probably even better than the one you had.

    I personally have NEVER had a real estate deal fall through where another BETTER one wasn’t presented to me. These things have a tendency to happen for a reason.

    All the best to you,



  11. Gday all
    Since my last post on 4th May last year, im pleased to say ive tracked down & purhcased some land in prom views estate! yes elizabeth it has worked out that this is a better lot than the last one, thanks for your support…..ive met most of my neighbours and everybody i have met so far has been fantastic, altough it does take me longert than usual to mow my grass, everybody that walks past stops to say gday & have a chat! I love it!

    cant wait to get something built over the next couple of years and start spending more time there….



  12. oh gosh … what a heart warming story David.

    Yep, the grass is thick and lush. I know exactly what you mean.

    Even more fabulous things will keep coming your way now!

    Thanks for the update. It made me smile even more than I was before. xx


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