Bright Flowers and Australian Wattle Blossom

The contrast of the maroon daisy with the native Australian emblem of the wattle blossom, would make a marvelous display in a vase.

These ones happen to be grown beside each other in my garden, so there’s no need to cut the stems and reduce the life span of the blooms … but what a magnificent combination of colour.


7 comments on “Bright Flowers and Australian Wattle Blossom

  1. Hi there, its really a nice pic….I was seeking for a permission to make a painting of this pic…please inform me if u grant….thank uuu


  2. Hi. I come from Gippsland too. Strangely, as I was growing up, there was always a superstition among the older people about cutting wattle, and bringing it into the house to put in vases. They said that it brought bad luck. But such a lovely photo.


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