Mosaic Fish Emblem At Fish Creek

Fish Creek is a town found on the way to Wilsons promontory in Victoria, Australia.

I know that some real estate agents comment that a town is as successful as it’s pub…and unfortunately in this small country town that statement seems to be true.

Shops here are interesting with a Quality Furnishing Store, Secondhand Book Shop, Hardware Store and the Flying Cow Cafe as well as several Art Galleries, including the Steffani Hilltop Gallery, Celia Rosser Art Gallery and the Gecko Studio Gallery.

But business is more challenging in Fish Creek than in most South Gippsland country towns. I suspect some of the problems stem from the pub here being, well, how can I put this tactfully…horrible. I do have to give them some credit though. The new management are slowly renovating and improving the decor and facilities, but the last time I ate there, the food was dreadful, with canned vegetables in the salads and frozen ones reheated and used on the dinner plates.

Fish Creek has an identity though, and the fish emblems found throughout the town add an interesting dimension. Many of the locals are into alternative therapies and green lifestyles.

The real estate in reasonably priced, but the capital growth is slow…so don’t expect the return on investment here that you can expect in most other places.

To find out other things about Fish Creek, go to


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