Stony Creek Go Karts And Cafe

Are you ready to be swooned by some fast paced, action packed fun behind the steering wheel of a go-kart?

Me too!

Rumour has it that the conveniently located Stony Creek Go Kart Track will be up and running by September, so get all the latest buzz by signing up for their free email updates.

This is one of the few Go Kart Tracks that hire brand new Phoenix Race Karts as well as allowing you to bring your own…

I know a few ebay-sellers who are happy that their used Karts have a new home, as several local South Gippsland dwellers bought used ones in anticipation of the Grand Opening.

I can hardly wait to find out what else these clever entrepreneurs come up with to attract their patrons. Besides an on-site Cafe, 3 x 50″ plasma screens to watch the action on the track, gaming facilities like an air hockey table and race car simulators…Stony Creek Go Karts are destined to be an enormous success.

2 comments on “Stony Creek Go Karts And Cafe

  1. Hi there,
    There is about 5 guys from work thinking of going go cart riding as part of their christmas break up and we where wodering what wour prices where and how much notice we would have to give to make a booking.

    Thank you


  2. Hello Steven,

    Thanks for your enquiry about Stony Creek Go Karts.
    You have reached the website designer with this message.

    Please phone the manager Kym Holness directly on (03) 5664 7272 or 0427 513 618 OR go to to see a list of prices.

    They are certainly receiving lots of wonderful testimonials about the track, the fun people are having and their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

    All the best,

    Elizabeth Richardson
    South Gippsland Website Design


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