Blue Bearded Iris

I’m just about to put together a range of floral postcards to help promote our local area (and give me another income source) and this lovely bearded iris reared it magnificent head in my direction today.

I really appreciate the people who care for their gardens, and plant unusual shrubs, trees, bulbs and annuals in South Gippsland, as they give me so much material to photograph as I’m walking around the streets of our local town.

This one was spotted in Toora, which is half way between Foster and Welshpool, on the South Gippsland Highway in Victoria, Australia…and just in case you’re interested in finding out more about the steadily growing town of Toora, just visit for more information.

Keep a lookout on this website for further details of the NEW range of giant floral postcards that will be available in limited editions in better quality galleries, venues and shops in South Gippsland, sometime before the end of August.

3 comments on “Blue Bearded Iris

  1. I love the florals on your site and the way you present each on their well chosen color backgrounds. A visit to this site is high impact and most pleasing. Best of luck with sales.


  2. Well thank you for your comment Amy…and jiimiona, the new website is up and running with the displays of postcards at Scene In South Gippsland.

    Some of the lovliest floral artwork will be on display at the Meeniyan Art Show (Meeniyan on the South Gippsland Highway in Victoria), the Foster Photographic Exhibition (at the Stockyard Gallery in Foster) and the Snapper Festival in Port Albert (a delightful seaside town between Yarram and Foster in Victoria).

    If you live in Victoria, Australia…there are fabulous places to visit…including Wilsons Promontory National Park…and our artists in these areas are very special.


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