‘wildfish’ Restaurant ~ Port Albert

gourmet dining experience at an affordable price

There’s a brand new, prestigious restaurant at the resort-style hideaway of Port Albert, called ‘wildfish‘. Now I’ve heard some of the locals say that it’s expensive…but I’m wondering if it’s just a PERCEPTION because the building and decor is unique and upmarket…AND it’s ideally located right on the harbour with peaceful views extending out across the bay.

Well, I went in and checked it out to see for myself. Did you know that a main meal at ‘wildfish‘ (lets use steak as an example) COSTS LESS that it does at the local Country Club…and even less that a steak at the Pub!

Well, if you’re on holidays in South Gippsland or if you live in any of the surrounding towns, like Foster, Fish Creek, Toora, Welshpool, Yarram, Woodside, Meeniyan or Alberton, you’ve just gotta go and try it out. Tell me I’m not going crazy!!!

‘wildish’ just has to be the finest dining experience in South Gippsland and at much the same prices as the Toora Pub…now isn’t that a pleasant contadiction!


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