Three Little Ducklings

Three Little Ducklings On A Farm

These gorgeous little ducklings belong to my neighbour. The mother duck didn’t want anything to do with the eggs, so they were promptly placed under a clucky silky hen…and what a great mother she is!

They grow quickly and won’t look as cute as this for much longer…

…there are many landowners in South Gippsland who raise farm animals and pets. Most do their best to keep artificial fertilizers and chemicals to a minimum. Some are certified organic and others use permaculture and other natural practises to sustain their animals and properties.

One of our highly respected local vetinarians has put forward a proposal that encourages more of a community involvement, with materials being recycled and composted for use on gardens and healthier, more natural fresh meat and other foods, prepared for pets.

To find out the full story, go to


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