A Race Horse In The Making

It’s coming up to Melbourne Cup Day in Victoria and many more places in South Gippsland are now celebrating that first Tuesday In November as it has now been declared a public holiday in local country areas too.

Racing season signals the beginning of busy season as well, and most businesses that rely on the tourist industry for the majority of their income are hoping for a rush of trade to make up for a slow winter…with the news about a slowing economy, I wonder what will transpire.

Even so, plans are underway to capitalize on the local racing carnivals and many functions are being organized in order to make the most of the glorious weather, providing any opportunity for a celebration…one I know of, at a gorgeous up-market venue in Inverloch called Eugenie’s.

When thinking of the looming Melbourne Cup day, I wondered what photograph I could upload to the website, this lovely Appaloosa foal came to mind…a young horse rearing to stretch his legs and take off into the distance…

…I wish all the South Gippsland Businesses a wonderfully busy racing season and hope that we can all stretch our legs and take off into the distance, just like the beautiful foal above.


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