Guess What This Is?


Unless you’re into luxurious beauty treatments I suspect that this picture might be a little confusing.

It is something that you slide into, turn on and then let it soothe, refresh, stimulate and relax you all at the same time.

What is it?

It’s actually the inside of a DERMA LIFE SPA-JET CAPSULE that is used to give a total body spray massage. It also has a combination of aromatherapy steam sauna, infra red sauna, vibro massage, vichy shower (under and above body), colour light therapy and mineral mist dispenser …. whew, what an awesome machine.

You can find one of these luxurious body spa capsules at the ESSENTIAL BODY BASICS Beauty & Hairdressing salon in Foster, Victoria, and I reckon it just has to one of the best pieces of technology for women that I’ve ever seen. They also produce their own range of wonderful MINERAL COSMETICS too if you’d like to enjoy a complete beauty treatment from head to toe while you’re there.

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