Bed Of Roses – series 2

Kerry Armstrong

For those who watched the ABC drama ‘Bed Of Roses’ first series episodes in 2007, the face of Kerry Armstrong would be very familiar. The lead role of Louisa Atherton was played magnificently by Kerry as the character resonated with many Australian women (sorry, can’t speak for the men).

Series two of Bed Of Roses is currently being filmed in the small country town of Meeniyan on the South Gippsland Highway in Eastern Victoria. I was lucky enough to have been called as an extra in both series and can only praise the film crew who work tirelessly and to a strict deadline in order to produce this next series for our television screens.

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet several of the cast members on a more personal level and was impressed by their friendliness and openness. What a magnificent experience to also be given the time to take photographs as part of the particular episode we filmed in Meeniyan last week.

You are welcome to view the gallery on the new lifegames Photography website and see more picture of the cast, the crew and the extras in Bed Of Roses Series 2…screening on the ABC in 2009.


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