Whales Visit Waratah Bay

So happy to see about 6 whales very close to shore at Waratah Bay today … the first time I’ve seen them yet apparently they are sighted in the area each winter as they calve or just rest fairly close to the sheltered shoreline.

More pictures of the whales can be found at http://lifegames.com.au/whale-watching-at-waratah-bay/

2 comments on “Whales Visit Waratah Bay

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Fabulous whale photos! We saw the whales at Sandy Point today, but my camera isn’t up to this. I have put a link to your photos on my Flickr page.

    The link is with this pic
    whales in Waratah Bay!
    We have a lot of friends overseas and it was such a good article, so I decided to scan and post it. Am hoping they don’t mind. It’s a pity the Mirror doesn’t have a website.

    We’ve lived in the area for a few years. You probably know me by sight – I usually take my big black curly labradoodle with me when I go into Foster to shop. I know you from seeing you in FAMDA.

    Anyway, cheers and well done with the photos!


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