Fish & Chips On The Wharf

Port Albert is renowned for it’s ‘award winning’ Fish & Chips Shop located right on the wharf.

When I was visiting the area yesterday, I got chatting to a sales rep who Lives in Traralgon…whenever he’s in the area, he ALWAYS makes sure he stops to have lunch on The Wharf.

But not many people know about the ‘wildfish’ restaurant that’s right next door…what a fabulous place…you can find out more by going to but whatever you do, when you’re anywhere on the South Gippsland Highway between Welshpool and Yarram, you just have to take the detour from Alberton to get to this magical place called Port Albert.

The real estate is still affordable in this up-market seaside town, the location is peaceful, the food is fabulous, the locals are friendly and the lifestyle is extremely relaxed…and the fish and chips are ‘out of this world’.

One comment on “Fish & Chips On The Wharf

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