Baby Wombat Survives Fire

This baby wombat survived the severe bush fires at Darlimurla, Mirboo North and Boolarra South in South Gippsland in Feburary 2009 but its mother was found dead.

These pictures show the healthy baby surrounded by charred soil and blackened trees, the dead mother and the burrow that most likely provided enough shelter and saved its life.

I returned a few weeks later to find sprouted grasses and trees shooting which provided the native wildlife some much needed food. I was surprised at how fast the bush regenerated even though the temperatures during this fire storm were extreme. At my home in Foster on this day, we registered up to 47 degrees Celsius.


baby wombat surrounded by blackened trees and charred earth


recently dead, this mother wombat didn’t survive the bush fires


wombat burrow provided safe haven during extreme bush fire storm conditions


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