Baby Wombat Survives Fire

This baby wombat survived the severe bush fires at Darlimurla, Mirboo North and Boolarra South in South Gippsland in Feburary 2009 but its mother was found dead.

These pictures show the healthy baby surrounded by charred soil and blackened trees, the dead mother and the burrow that most likely provided enough shelter and saved its life.

I returned a few weeks later to find sprouted grasses and trees shooting which provided the native wildlife some much needed food. I was surprised at how fast the bush regenerated even though the temperatures during this fire storm were extreme. At my home in Foster on this day, we registered up to 47 degrees Celsius.


baby wombat surrounded by blackened trees and charred earth


recently dead, this mother wombat didn’t survive the bush fires


wombat burrow provided safe haven during extreme bush fire storm conditions


Grey Kangaroos Encroaching On Towns

While most tourists (especially those from Asia and Europe) delight in seeing native wildlife when traveling through South Gippsland, over the last 20 years or so, more of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo have been noticed on farmland and roadsides where the smaller wallabies once reigned supreme.

On our property in Foster, they didn’t bother us much as they easily bounded over the fences and really only stooped underneath them where wombats had previously left their dugouts. We occasionally spotted them grazing on short tufts of grass in the early morning or evenings, but if you want to see them in hoards, a trip to Wilsons Prom National Park will always net you the best pictures.

This one was seen near the small township of Meeniyan and seemed to be fairly accustomed to seeing the odd human or two.


The Arabian Horse

We recently visited some friends who have a large orchard on The South Gippsland Highway near Yarram and were surprised to find this beautiful Arab in their back paddock.

He was a bit of a ratbag though, and had started stripping the sunflowers of their leaves … so he’s been sectioned off with some electric fencing where he can’t do any more damage to their amazing fruit and vegetable garden.

Many thanks to Pete and Les who have been such wonderful friends for many years now. When we dropped in on them unannounced in January, they took us on a garden tour and then invited us for tea. They’re incredibly generous and nothing is ever too much. My daughter Krissi and I appreciate them both greatly.

You can see more pictures of pets here

The Arabian Horse

Koala In The Grass

When I lived in Foster on the South Gippsland Highway, we had regular visits from koalas in the big gum tree right outside my bedroom window … especially during mating season.

They’re not normally very easy to spot when they sit so still and well camouflaged with the trunk of eucalypt trees, but when they start to make noises – they’re unmissable … lol

(To me, koalas sound like some sort of horrific squealing and snorting wild pig). ~ ER

Here is another photo of this lovely young koala sitting in the grass before he used his incredibly powerful claws, to climb the nearest tree. We found this one near Port Franklin.

To find the easiest places to see them in their natural surrounding, you can also go to

cute Koala near port-franklin

The Funny Guard Dog

When I went to take photographs for the Narkabunday Native Plant Nursery at one of South Gippslands beautiful coastal towns called Sandy Point, I just had to laugh … Their guard dog was way too friendly!

Here is one of the silly looks he gave me as I was moving around him to capture pictures from a few different angles … what a hoot!