The Beach At Phillip Island

I’ve only been to Phillip Island a few times, as it makes such a nice day trip if you’re traveling from Melbourne or any Gippsland towns. The sand is beautifully clean like almost all Australian Beaches and it’s renowned for surfing, swimming and fishing. The eastern side is exposed to stronger ocean currents and the western side of the island is much more protected.

This photograph of “walking near driftwood on the beach” was taken at Cape Woolemai.




Boating At Inverloch

A convenient and beautiful town to camp, go boating or fishing or just to visit for a day trip from Melbourne is Inverloch. This picture was taken on the bay beach at Anderson Inlet.

You can see a bigger and better range of photographs taken at Inverloch, the Inverloch Art Gallery and the Bunurong Coastal Park including Eagles Nest.


Surfing At Bunurong Coastal Park

Inverloch is not only a beautiful town to visit but a popular surfing spot on the coast as well. The RACV chose this location to build its 5 star eco friendly accommodation resort.

The surfers in these photographs taken at Bunurong Coastal Park, really looked like they were enjoying their time. While some of the areas are quite rocky,the sandy beaches are perfectly clean, easy to access and a haven for many birds and wildlife.

Bunurong Coastal Park_boys-going-surfing

Surfing Near Inverloch

There are a few good surfing spots on the Bass Coast near Inverloch. Eagles Nest, Shack Bay, Twin Reefs and The Oaks are all popular with young and mature surfers alike and can easily be accessed from the Cape Paterson Inverloch Road with only a short walk to the water.

You’ll find some more really beautiful photos taken at Inverloch in the lifegames photography gallery.

This keen surfer is waiting on the rocks for the waves to subside.


Fishing Holiday At The River

It’s nice to go somewhere out of the way for a fishing trip, yet close enough to civilization to make it convenient and comfortable.
Powlett River
is South East of Melbourne just past Philip Island and probably around and hour and a half drive out of the city. Metung is one of the most popular options for fishing holidays but there are a multitude of great spots in South Gippsland and on the Bass Coast that you’ll always have somewhere new to throw out your rod.

Powlett River near kilcunda