Creating Beautiful Posters

I use photographs as the basis of the art I display in my home, to publish books and to beautify my computer desktop. This photograph of tulips growing in a garden originated from a photo I’d taken during an open garden tour at “The Dale” historic home near Yarram.

Beginning with a high quality image taken with a full frame camera, editing in photoshop to boost the colours and blur aspects of the background and then adding a title has turned what was once a fairly basic photo, into a work of art.



Making Posters and Prints From Photos

I’ve sold an abundance of local photographs to places like Centrelink, Climate Change Organisation, The HIA Builders Magazine and even the Government … to adorn their walls, brochures, publications and websites … but what gives me as much pleasure, is making posters for my own private use.

This large canvas print takes pride of place in my living area, to remind to to “have fun”, to “be happy” and to “never go backwards”.

Picture taken in Main Street FOSTER Victoria with a Canon 5D2 and edited in Photoshop.


Antique Rose

antique rose

I’ve been learning lately how important it is to work at what you love to do…miracles seem to happen and pave the way for you to do even more of “What You Love To Do”…and in my case, even earn a nice income from it.

Ever since I took up photography again, I have a hankering for taking pictures of flowers…both macro and botanical shots…even flowers from the cemetery.

I have huge galleries of flower pictures in all sorts of glorious colours…and it just makes me wonder, how I might turn my love of photographing flowers into some sort of business.

Heaven knows I have the professional photography equipment to handle working for a magazine, book publication, publisher etc…I just wonder where this thought might lead and how I might get maximum use from my new Canon 5D II and the magnificent array of ‘L’ seriens Canon lenses I own!