Kitchen Garden In Woodside

Most people travelling to Woodside probably go straight to the white sandy beach there. But I found a special little kitchen garden at the local primary school in the Woodside Township which is really worth a visit.

The school has a variety of beautifully painted wall murals, potted plants, a traditional bell to summon the children back to class, a nice kid safe playground and old school buildings that must be close to being heritage listed.

Woodside itself is quite small and located in gently undulating farmland so the backdrop to this photo of just one of the kitchen garden plots, shows how open and free this space really is.

picture of Woodside-primary-school-kitchen-garden

Woodside Primary School has a delightful kitchen garden that is well worth a visit.


Tarra Bulga National Park Photos

Beautiful Photo Of Corrigans Walk Way Bridge

It’s easy to line up photos of straight angled images such as bridges, fences and power lines, but it’s often more difficult in low light conditions like the shaded and sheltered rain-forested national parks in Victoria. I love the way the tree ferns and even the dried leaves on the Blackwood trees, enhance the directness of this path way.

Suspension Bridges always amaze me with their strength of construction … and this one at Tarra Bulga in Victoria, Australia is no different. The park has many other interesting features, waterfalls, walking tracks, a visitor center, gigantic tree ferns, picnic benches and BBQ’s, huge Mountain Ash trees.

The walking tracks here are fantastic, and much safer to use in the drier summer months when the boardwalks aren’t so slippery. This national Park has a mystical quality and it wouldn’t surprise me if a forest fairy poked it’s head out from behind a large tree root – but then I can always image!

It’s been a while since I took pictures in Tarra Bulga National Park, and I look forward to going back again really soon.


Features Of Yarram

Yarram is about 30 minutes past Foster on the South Gippsland Highway. It’s an older established farming community with a large secondary college, many churches, a great art gallery and tourist information and a very useful shopping center, especially for those who may be holidaying in the seaside towns of Port Albert or Woodside.

This first panorama is of the main street stretch of shops on the eastern side of the highway.


Yarram also has a well known golfing club which runs special events throughout the year. It isn’t unusual to be teeing off or driving over kangaroos grazing on the green grassy fairways.