Bucking Horse and Rider

A sequence of bucking horse and rider photos taken at the Lang Lang Rodeo. This bareback rider must be even more uncomfortable without a saddle ;-)



Lang Lang Rodeo 2009 Pictures

rodeo riding

My first visit to the Lang Lang rodeo was relaxing and enjoyable and netted me an exciting gallery of rodeo photographs as a bonus.

Located just off the South Gippsland Highway, the crowd in excess of 3000 spent a glorious day watching an action-packed list of events from bull riding, buck jumping, bareback riding, calf roping, barrel racing and dog jumping with market stalls and a ute rally to top things off.

There’s no doubt I’ll be back again next year.

See http://lifegames.com.au/lang-lang-rodeo/ for more great pictures.

Beaut Ute At Lang Lang

red ute

This cool red ute was part of the rally at Lang Lang Rodeo 2009.

Many of the utes were ‘done up’ to some extent. A few were incredibly humourous, most were luxurious and all of the owners had an air of pride for they’d obviously spent a ton of money and time to bring the great Aussie Ute to the high standard we witnessed on the day…

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