Sun Smart Boys Going For A Walk


two boys going for a walk at Wilsons Prom wearing sun hats

When I traveled to Victoria a couple months back, I just had to include visiting Wilsons Promontory on my list.

I find the area incredibly captivating, so off for a few short walks I went. Lilly Pilly Gully and the Tidal Overlook track are two fairly easy walks that can be done in a few hours … with a stop at the shop for a pleasant afternoon tea to recharge.

I’m always impressed by the number of people who visit this National Park each year. The eco cabins are often booked out and the camping sites over the peak holiday times need to be booked well in advance. I’ve actually never stayed there … preferring to do day trips instead. I’ve walked every track except the one to the Light House. That’s one I’ll consider with experienced company in the near future.

The picture of these boys was snapped while they were completing their trek around Tidal River, you can see the Bridge in the background. I was impressed to see them well decked out for hiking, with sturdy shoes and sun hats. One had a mobile phone and the other was carrying a bottle of water too.

Such a terrific place to take the family.


Walking At Wilsons Prom

The multitude of walks available at Wilsons Prom take you through such varied and beautiful scenery you could spend two weeks there and still not see it all.

When my daughter was only little (between the ages of 6 to 10), she came on almost all of the walk I ever did at The Prom. These days we remember it with fondness and laughter. We’d often play pranks and scare each other along the way. She’d sometimes wear the most inappropriate clothes, as sometimes children do … pants dragging on the ground, forgetting to bring something warm, uncomfortable footwear etc.

But because of those things we’ve since laughed and laughed. This terrific National Park on the south eastern tip of Australia has provided us with wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

On this page are a just a few of my favourite photographs of the walking tracks at Wilsons Prom …  and here is the complete Gallery of walking, road, bridge and boardwalk pictures.


Happy Couple Holding Hands

Doesn’t it just warm your heart to see this lovely couple holding hands as they’re walking back from their swim in Norman Bay.

This picture has come from a beautiful album of photographs from Tidal River, Norman Bay, Norman Point and Tidal Overlook, which also shows an abundance of the surrounding scenery, the beaches, parklands, walking tracks and so much more, at Wilsons Promontory National Park in South Gippsland.


How Far From Melbourne To Wilsons Prom?

Well, now I have some sort of proof of the actual distances by this Vic Roads sign at the entrance to the Tidal River township.

Melbourne to Wilsons Promontory National Park = 222 kms
Foster to Wilsons Promontory National Park = 60 kms
Meeniyan to Wilsons Promontory National Park = 74 kms
Fish Creek to Wilsons Promontory National Park = 56 kms

From the park gateway to Tidal River Camp Grounds is approximately a 20 minute drive with an 80 km/h speed limit.


Riding Bikes On The Beach

I don’t know, maybe I’ve never noticed it before, but when I took this last trip to South Gippsland I noticed a heap of people (adults, children and families) riding their bikes on the beaches at Wilsons Promontory — what!

On closer inspection I noticed the sand was tightly compacted at both Tidal River and Norman Bay Beach so I’m imagining that the surface was actually ideal in these areas for a really smooth run.

I just love noticing something that makes me think! ~ ER

people bike riding on the beach at Norman Bay Wilsons Prom

bikes on the sand at Tidal River Wilsons Prom