Fresh Produce Markets In South Gippsland

It’s always so nice to see the great turn up of people at the local farmers markets, for the arts and crafts and freshly grown organic produce in so many of the towns in South Gippsland. Places like Foster, Cowes, Coal Creek, Churchill Island, Grantville Inverloch, Jumbunna, Newhaven, Korumburra, Loch, Leongatha, Philip Island, Tarwin Lower, Mirboo North, Wonthaggi and Yarram all seem to have markets on a regular basis.

This particular photo of fresh vegetables, silver-beet, spring onions, sweet potato, beans celery, capsicum, lettuce, pumpkin, was taken at the Organic Produce Market in Koonwarra.

Here’s a complete list of Markets, Stalls, secondhand goods and Craft Fairs in South Gippsland



Logs In The Forest

I’m always amazed at how quickly the forest regenerates after bush fires and how it becomes even more beautiful each time. What might seem like devastation to some people is natures way of cleaning the bush, adding much needed minerals to the soil from the ash and creating newer, stronger and better habitat for Australian native animals, creatures and birds.

These forestry logs in Mirboo North lay neatly in piles on the ground while the fires burned, blackened and charred the living tress around them.


Burnt Out Wrecks After The Bush Fires

burnt out wrecks at Darlimurla

We drove through Mirboo North, Darlimurla and Boolarra after the devastating bush fires in February 2009.

These car wrecks and masses of other rubbish were stored close to a fibro clad home in dense bushland at Darlimurla.

Miraculously, the home was only slightly burnt along the carport. You have to wonder if the owners had any thought about the risk of fire to their property!

Credit must go to the fire fighters who worked tirelessly to save these dwellings, no matter how little they had prepared for such an event.

Each summer we are warned throut the media to prepare our properties for fire…the climate and geography in Australia contribute…the risks of bush fire are higher than in any other country…and our ‘tree-change’ lifestyle choices to build in dense bushland and at the end of narrow tracks, make it even more dangerous!

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Just Survived The Bush Fires

house survived the bushfires

The CFA (Country Fire Authority) members who fought the Mirboo North, Boolarra and Darlimurla fires were magnificent. So Many houses were saved. This beautiful property at the beginning of School Road, had a tractor loaded with water tanks in order to protect their own property.

But as we were driving around, we saw many with scrub, rubbish and trees very close to their homes. Most of these home were miraculously saved – only a few were lost.

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