Native Plants After The Bush Fires

native shrub pods after the bush fires

These native Australian shrubs not only survive bush fires, but are enhanced by them. The heat and smoke is sometimes the best way to crack the pods, expose the seed and germinate.

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Flames From Mirboo North Bushfires

bushfire flames

No one slept in the beautiful country town of Mirboo North last night, as they congregated on the streets, parked in driveways, filled up their small water tanks, packed a few personal belongings and watched the glowing red sky in stunned silence.

The 45 degree temperatures yesterday were destined to cause problems in some part of South Gippsland, and the already 46 degrees at 10am this morning isn’t likely to bring any relief either.

Beautiful towns like Mirboo North and Boolarra have expanded rapidly over the last few years in the lush Strzelecki Ranges. One has to wonder if the burgeoning population of ‘tree-changers’ are pondering the pros and cons of their lifestyle choices.

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Heavy Smoke From The Bush Fires

Bush Fire Smoke from Mirboo North

In Foster, we awoke this morning to very heavy smoke after a steaming hot 45 degree temperature yesterday.

Last night I took the short drive to Mirboo North where fires are raging dangerously close the the town center and to witness an entire community standing in stunned silence while they watched the horizon glow bright red with the occasional flares of flames across almost 180 degrees of the skyline.

I left the area almost as quickly as I arrived.

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