Great Southern Rail Trail

The Great Southern Rail Trail is well known in South Gippsland to most local people. It has been built on the site of the old railway line which many years ago connected towns all the way from Melbourne through to Yarram and beyond.

The railway tracks have since been removed and the rough surface along the gently undulating topography have been replaced with a smooth gravel track. The Rail Trail now runs between Leongatha and Port Welshpool and provides a safe and even track to walk, run or ride (either on bikes or horses), and I’ve even heard of people taking a horse and cart and donkeys along the route. You do need access to a key to be able to open the gates though.

Eventually it will meet up with the walking track in Yarram. I’m really looking forward to that.

riding a bike on the rail trail

Man riding a bike on the Great Southern Rail Trail



Happy Couple Holding Hands

Doesn’t it just warm your heart to see this lovely couple holding hands as they’re walking back from their swim in Norman Bay.

This picture has come from a beautiful album of photographs from Tidal River, Norman Bay, Norman Point and Tidal Overlook, which also shows an abundance of the surrounding scenery, the beaches, parklands, walking tracks and so much more, at Wilsons Promontory National Park in South Gippsland.


Sun Baking On The Beach

On my latest road trip I didn’t take the opportunity to lie on the beach, sun bake and read a book like this lovely lady is doing, but it was very tempting.

“The beaches in South Gippsland are usually peaceful, spacious and clean no matter where you are or what month you visit … and only a short ten or fifteen minute walk south of the Caravan Park at at Waratah Bay will take you to more private areas, where hardly anyone ever goes.” ~ ER

See more great photos taken around Waratah Bay here.


Primary School Children

Many of the kids from our local primary and secondary schools walk or ride their bikes each day. These children from Foster Primary School were celebrating a special event called “walk to school day”.

Free bus services run in South Gippsland for families who live 5 kms or more away from their nearest public school … and we have always been incredibly appreciative of these great services made available through local bus lines and funded by the government.

primary-children-Walk To School Day

Organic Product Suppliers

Of all the clients I’ve ever had, this couple, Peter and Maureen who make a large range of Cartified Organic Cotton Products in an out of the way place called Buffalo (between Fish Creek and Meeniyan), would have to be some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

They already ran a successful and thriving business in South Gippsland before they started selling online, but once their website was up, only after few hours they received their first quite large order directly from their website … in fact it was such a shock, they hadn’t even been told I’d made their website “live” — obviously, their business has blown out of the water since then and more staff and family members were roped in to help with the influx of trade.

But these people love what they do! Their factory has been built on the property. Living organically and chemical free is a way of life for them.

I don’t recommend a website for everyone, in fact most small businesses who only sell from their shops, are much better off to write a list of what they have to offer, and add it to sites that promote specifically to people who either live or intend to visit their local region.

Here is a useful list of ways you can promote your website locally, without needing to spend a cent and with every chance of being more productive than making the effort to get traffic to your own website

Of course, selling online is a large part of our future these days and the businesses that benefit the most, tend to be in the category of travel, tours, camping, caravan parks and accommodation. Statistics show that over 96% of all accommodation is booked online.

“Whatever you choose to do to promote your own products or services, do it because you love it. I wish you all the very best” – Elizabeth Richardson