Cape Woolamai Beach

Photographing this serene area of beach on Phillip Island was a delight, and it’s always nice to get people in the background to add to the aliveness of the scene and the large piece of driftwood in the foreground, gives a point of focus. I’d like to go back again really soon – beautiful :-)



Cape Barren Geese

These large birds were found nesting an the side of the road going into Churchill Island Heritage Farm. A very interesting place to visit over the holidays.

Cape Barren Geese can be found along the southern coast of Australia and tend to inhabit the wind swept coastal farmland areas and islands off the coast especially the Victorian coastal islands around Wilsons Promontory.

They didn’t seem too bothered when we ventured closer to take photos.


San Remo Jetty

san remo jetty

Luck allowed me to get this great tourist photo under the San Remo Jetty sign…with a happy family frolicking on the beach in the background.

On the way to Phillip Island, the pretty jetty area here can be viewed from the bridge without even stepping out of the car.

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Beach Shells From South Gippsland

san remo shells

South Gippsland has some of the best beaches in Australia – with beautiful outlooks, clean sand, shiny shells and so many places where you can explore the rockpools.

This interesting collection of shells were found right next to the San Remo Jetty on the way to Phillip Island in South Gippsland, an extremely popular holiday destination.

San Remo Chinese Restaurant

san remo chinese resataurant

These gorgeous paper flowers just happened to be growing along the nature strip in San Remo…and the red and green Chinese Restaurant sign contrasting in the background just made them stand out even more.

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