Happy Couple Holding Hands

Doesn’t it just warm your heart to see this lovely couple holding hands as they’re walking back from their swim in Norman Bay.

This picture has come from a beautiful album of photographs from Tidal River, Norman Bay, Norman Point and Tidal Overlook, which also shows an abundance of the surrounding scenery, the beaches, parklands, walking tracks and so much more, at Wilsons Promontory National Park in South Gippsland.



Cape Woolamai Beach

Photographing this serene area of beach on Phillip Island was a delight, and it’s always nice to get people in the background to add to the aliveness of the scene and the large piece of driftwood in the foreground, gives a point of focus. I’d like to go back again really soon – beautiful :-)


Riding Bikes On The Beach

I don’t know, maybe I’ve never noticed it before, but when I took this last trip to South Gippsland I noticed a heap of people (adults, children and families) riding their bikes on the beaches at Wilsons Promontory — what!

On closer inspection I noticed the sand was tightly compacted at both Tidal River and Norman Bay Beach so I’m imagining that the surface was actually ideal in these areas for a really smooth run.

I just love noticing something that makes me think! ~ ER

people bike riding on the beach at Norman Bay Wilsons Prom

bikes on the sand at Tidal River Wilsons Prom

Playing At Tidal River

People on this beach were having a ball when I visited Wilsons Prom National Park last week at the end of the school holiday period.

Some had day tents for sun protection on the beach, others were flying kites, paddling in the shallow waters of Tidal River, sun baking, reading or just relaxing. This happy family was enjoying a few rounds of beach cricket — what fun!

See some amazing panoramas from Wilsons Promontory here.

Sun Baking On The Beach

On my latest road trip I didn’t take the opportunity to lie on the beach, sun bake and read a book like this lovely lady is doing, but it was very tempting.

“The beaches in South Gippsland are usually peaceful, spacious and clean no matter where you are or what month you visit … and only a short ten or fifteen minute walk south of the Caravan Park at at Waratah Bay will take you to more private areas, where hardly anyone ever goes.” ~ ER

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