Tarra Bulga National Park Photos

Beautiful Photo Of Corrigans Walk Way Bridge

It’s easy to line up photos of straight angled images such as bridges, fences and power lines, but it’s often more difficult in low light conditions like the shaded and sheltered rain-forested national parks in Victoria. I love the way the tree ferns and even the dried leaves on the Blackwood trees, enhance the directness of this path way.

Suspension Bridges always amaze me with their strength of construction … and this one at Tarra Bulga in Victoria, Australia is no different. The park has many other interesting features, waterfalls, walking tracks, a visitor center, gigantic tree ferns, picnic benches and BBQ’s, huge Mountain Ash trees.

The walking tracks here are fantastic, and much safer to use in the drier summer months when the boardwalks aren’t so slippery. This national Park has a mystical quality and it wouldn’t surprise me if a forest fairy poked it’s head out from behind a large tree root – but then I can always image!

It’s been a while since I took pictures in Tarra Bulga National Park, and I look forward to going back again really soon.



Beautiful Pictures From Mount Worth

I just love the natural colours, digitally enhanced and artistically inspired photos that were taken of the native bushland, tree ferns, fungi and moss, Mountain Ash, Blackwood and Eucalypt trees, walking tracks, walk bridges and rusted machinery at MOUNT WORTH STATE PARK.

This lovely and peaceful national park can be found North West of Mirboo North.

We’ve sold this album many times over, so people can make stunning art prints for the home, nature collections for websites, images for books, advertisements, brochures for accommodation places and other publications. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too!

See the rest of these fabulous photographs at http://lifegames.com.au/mount-worth-state-park/

Tarra Bulga National Park Trees

Tall Trees In The Tarra Bulga National Park

The magnificent specimens of Mountain Ash and Blackwood trees found in the Tarra Bulga National Park in Victoria, Australia, are something quite extraordinary.

Exploring the natural bushland, walking the well kept tracks, spotting a lyrebird, taking photographs of Corrigans Suspension Bridge and listening to the bellbirds call is something I’ll remember for a long time to come.

To find out about the area surrounding the Tarra Bulga National Park and to see more photographs, visit http://www.south-gippsland.com/tarra-bulga.htm. You’ll be glad you did!