Sun Smart Boys Going For A Walk


two boys going for a walk at Wilsons Prom wearing sun hats

When I traveled to Victoria a couple months back, I just had to include visiting Wilsons Promontory on my list.

I find the area incredibly captivating, so off for a few short walks I went. Lilly Pilly Gully and the Tidal Overlook track are two fairly easy walks that can be done in a few hours … with a stop at the shop for a pleasant afternoon tea to recharge.

I’m always impressed by the number of people who visit this National Park each year. The eco cabins are often booked out and the camping sites over the peak holiday times need to be booked well in advance. I’ve actually never stayed there … preferring to do day trips instead. I’ve walked every track except the one to the Light House. That’s one I’ll consider with experienced company in the near future.

The picture of these boys was snapped while they were completing their trek around Tidal River, you can see the Bridge in the background. I was impressed to see them well decked out for hiking, with sturdy shoes and sun hats. One had a mobile phone and the other was carrying a bottle of water too.

Such a terrific place to take the family.


Tarra Bulga National Park Photos

Beautiful Photo Of Corrigans Walk Way Bridge

It’s easy to line up photos of straight angled images such as bridges, fences and power lines, but it’s often more difficult in low light conditions like the shaded and sheltered rain-forested national parks in Victoria. I love the way the tree ferns and even the dried leaves on the Blackwood trees, enhance the directness of this path way.

Suspension Bridges always amaze me with their strength of construction … and this one at Tarra Bulga in Victoria, Australia is no different. The park has many other interesting features, waterfalls, walking tracks, a visitor center, gigantic tree ferns, picnic benches and BBQ’s, huge Mountain Ash trees.

The walking tracks here are fantastic, and much safer to use in the drier summer months when the boardwalks aren’t so slippery. This national Park has a mystical quality and it wouldn’t surprise me if a forest fairy poked it’s head out from behind a large tree root – but then I can always image!

It’s been a while since I took pictures in Tarra Bulga National Park, and I look forward to going back again really soon.


The Tarra Bulga Bridge

If you’re looking for a nice place a little out of the way to visit, the Tarra Bulga National Park just outside Yarram has lots of little nooks and crannies of natural bushland to see.

It is filled with tall mountain ash trees, fern gullies, native wildlife, well built walking tracks, waterfalls, picnic areas, a large information center and you’re certain to hear the bell-birds. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a lyrebird or two as well … It’s probably better to go in the warmer months but it’s well worth a visit at any time.

The photo is of the suspension bridge you can cross in the park. What fun!


San Remo Bridge

san remo bridge

It was the middle of summer Feb 2009 (in Australia) and San Remo was quiet enough just for a few moments in order to capture this picture. In only a matter of minutes there were people eveywhere waiting for the Pelicans to be fed, which happens around 11.30 am eveyday on the foreshore.

To see more great pictures of San Remo, visit

Beautiful Roads – Bridge Over Tarra River

Bridge over the Tarra River

The bridge over the Tarra River leads on to the Tarra Bulga National Park…a wonderful place to go for bushwalks, listen to the bellbirds, spy the odd elusive lyrebird and see the amazing structure of the Corrgans’ Suspension Bridge.

More great photographs of the area can be found on

Take a look around on the South Gippsland Website while you’re there too. All the photographs are available for use under a special license…but you can find more details when you visit