Where Is South Gippsland?

South Gippsland is generally referred to as the region found on the south eastern tip of Victoria.

Bordered by Yarram in the north east, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Sandy Point, Foster and Yanakie in the south east, Cape Liptrap Coastal Park, Inverloch, Cape Patterson and Wonthaggi in the south, Philip Island to the west, Korumburra, Mirboo North, Leongatha and almost stretching to include Mount Worth State Park and Tarra Bulga National Park towards the north.

Gippsland itself is often know for its power generators and polluted skies, especially around Churchill, Moe and Morwell. While it might seem obvious that the South Gippsland Shire Council governs the Southern area of Gippsland there is often confusion about where the region actually lies. The map on this page gives an indication of towns that many local people believe it includes.

Read more: http://south-gippsland.com



Older Style Renovated House

As one of the oldest established communities in South Gippsland, Leongatha is home to a variety of period style houses and historic buildings. The greens and yellows of this house in one of the neat and tidy side streets, blends beautifully with the large tree in front that’s only just holding on to the last of its’ autumn leaves.

The real estate here is reasonably priced and tends to hold its value quite well. Country areas don’t seem to get the extreme fluctuations in price that the fast paced trendy city areas attract. I’ve made a chunk of money investing in the country, but don’t expect great rental returns on residential properties in most locations, instead, the homes I’ve owned and renovated around Foster and Mount Best, increased in value tremendously in only a few years. Very happy about that :-)

See more photos from Leongatha here.


Fresh Produce Markets In South Gippsland

It’s always so nice to see the great turn up of people at the local farmers markets, for the arts and crafts and freshly grown organic produce in so many of the towns in South Gippsland. Places like Foster, Cowes, Coal Creek, Churchill Island, Grantville Inverloch, Jumbunna, Newhaven, Korumburra, Loch, Leongatha, Philip Island, Tarwin Lower, Mirboo North, Wonthaggi and Yarram all seem to have markets on a regular basis.

This particular photo of fresh vegetables, silver-beet, spring onions, sweet potato, beans celery, capsicum, lettuce, pumpkin, was taken at the Organic Produce Market in Koonwarra.

Here’s a complete list of Markets, Stalls, secondhand goods and Craft Fairs in South Gippsland


Koala In The Grass

When I lived in Foster on the South Gippsland Highway, we had regular visits from koalas in the big gum tree right outside my bedroom window … especially during mating season.

They’re not normally very easy to spot when they sit so still and well camouflaged with the trunk of eucalypt trees, but when they start to make noises – they’re unmissable … lol

(To me, koalas sound like some sort of horrific squealing and snorting wild pig). ~ ER

Here is another photo of this lovely young koala sitting in the grass before he used his incredibly powerful claws, to climb the nearest tree. We found this one near Port Franklin.

To find the easiest places to see them in their natural surrounding, you can also go to https://southgippsland.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/seeing-koalas-in-the-bush/

cute Koala near port-franklin

How Far From Melbourne To Wilsons Prom?

Well, now I have some sort of proof of the actual distances by this Vic Roads sign at the entrance to the Tidal River township.

Melbourne to Wilsons Promontory National Park = 222 kms
Foster to Wilsons Promontory National Park = 60 kms
Meeniyan to Wilsons Promontory National Park = 74 kms
Fish Creek to Wilsons Promontory National Park = 56 kms

From the park gateway to Tidal River Camp Grounds is approximately a 20 minute drive with an 80 km/h speed limit.