Grey Kangaroos Encroaching On Towns

While most tourists (especially those from Asia and Europe) delight in seeing native wildlife when traveling through South Gippsland, over the last 20 years or so, more of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo have been noticed on farmland and roadsides where the smaller wallabies once reigned supreme.

On our property in Foster, they didn’t bother us much as they easily bounded over the fences and really only stooped underneath them where wombats had previously left their dugouts. We occasionally spotted them grazing on short tufts of grass in the early morning or evenings, but if you want to see them in hoards, a trip to Wilsons Prom National Park will always net you the best pictures.

This one was seen near the small township of Meeniyan and seemed to be fairly accustomed to seeing the odd human or two.



Baby Wild Rabbit

During my most recent trip to “The Prom” to view the after effects of the floods in 2011, I took a quick walk at Tidal River and stumbled upon this gorgeous baby rabbit, who stood only meters away and completely unperturbed by my presence …

No firearms or hunting is allowed in the Wilsons Promontory National Park and the people who visit generally have a reverence and respect, for the incredible natural features, plants and wildlife found in abundance here … and we really appreciate it too!


Coastal Grasses At Venus Bay

Coastal grasses on a South Gippsland beach at Venus Bay

Venus Bay is a quiet little town over wintertime, just past Wonthaggi and Inverloch in South Gippsland. Mainly set up for holiday-makers it does a roaring trade in the summertime.

You only need to take one look at the beautiful beaches overlooking Anderson Inlet, and you will understand why.

Some of the real estate here is slightly undervalued…so you can certainly pick up a bargain or two if a holiday home is on your list of ‘things to buy’. Alternatively, I know several people who use Venus Bay (and Tarwin Lower – which is close by) for permanent living.

There are three Real Estate Agents in town who are eager to help you find the right home or the best holiday rental property, to suit your needs.

Just visit the South Gippsland website at to find out more about beautiful Venus Bay. You’ll be glad you did!