Older Style Renovated House

As one of the oldest established communities in South Gippsland, Leongatha is home to a variety of period style houses and historic buildings. The greens and yellows of this house in one of the neat and tidy side streets, blends beautifully with the large tree in front that’s only just holding on to the last of its’ autumn leaves.

The real estate here is reasonably priced and tends to hold its value quite well. Country areas don’t seem to get the extreme fluctuations in price that the fast paced trendy city areas attract. I’ve made a chunk of money investing in the country, but don’t expect great rental returns on residential properties in most locations, instead, the homes I’ve owned and renovated around Foster and Mount Best, increased in value tremendously in only a few years. Very happy about that :-)

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Just Survived The Bush Fires

house survived the bushfires

The CFA (Country Fire Authority) members who fought the Mirboo North, Boolarra and Darlimurla fires were magnificent. So Many houses were saved. This beautiful property at the beginning of School Road, had a tractor loaded with water tanks in order to protect their own property.

But as we were driving around, we saw many with scrub, rubbish and trees very close to their homes. Most of these home were miraculously saved – only a few were lost.

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