Sun Smart Boys Going For A Walk


two boys going for a walk at Wilsons Prom wearing sun hats

When I traveled to Victoria a couple months back, I just had to include visiting Wilsons Promontory on my list.

I find the area incredibly captivating, so off for a few short walks I went. Lilly Pilly Gully and the Tidal Overlook track are two fairly easy walks that can be done in a few hours … with a stop at the shop for a pleasant afternoon tea to recharge.

I’m always impressed by the number of people who visit this National Park each year. The eco cabins are often booked out and the camping sites over the peak holiday times need to be booked well in advance. I’ve actually never stayed there … preferring to do day trips instead. I’ve walked every track except the one to the Light House. That’s one I’ll consider with experienced company in the near future.

The picture of these boys was snapped while they were completing their trek around Tidal River, you can see the Bridge in the background. I was impressed to see them well decked out for hiking, with sturdy shoes and sun hats. One had a mobile phone and the other was carrying a bottle of water too.

Such a terrific place to take the family.


Beautiful Photo Of The Sturt Desert Pea

I actually took this photo of the botanically named Swainsona formosa FABACEAE at the Black Mountain Botanic Gardens in Canberra on my last road trip, but then realised it’s also one of the specialist wildflower plants grown by our large local Wholesale Native Plant Nursery in Sandy Point.


Koala In The Grass

When I lived in Foster on the South Gippsland Highway, we had regular visits from koalas in the big gum tree right outside my bedroom window … especially during mating season.

They’re not normally very easy to spot when they sit so still and well camouflaged with the trunk of eucalypt trees, but when they start to make noises – they’re unmissable … lol

(To me, koalas sound like some sort of horrific squealing and snorting wild pig). ~ ER

Here is another photo of this lovely young koala sitting in the grass before he used his incredibly powerful claws, to climb the nearest tree. We found this one near Port Franklin.

To find the easiest places to see them in their natural surrounding, you can also go to

cute Koala near port-franklin

Kangaroos and Wildlife

Most tourists coming to Australia are eager to see our native wildlife and one of the best places to view them in their natural state has always been in the Australian National Parks, particularly at Wilsons Promontory.

Only a short few minutes drive after entering the main gates, we usually see kangaroos and emus in the clearing on the left hand side of the road. Wombats are more easy to spot in the evening, but driving after dark means taking more caution on the roads so we give them time to move off to the side and not dazzle them with our headlights.

These Eastern Grey Kangaroos are often found grazing on grassy plains, local football ovals, in paddocks and even close to the center of our Capital City in Canberra.

Wildlife, roos, emus, wombats and birds are fairly easy to see on the terrific walking tracks at Wilsons Prom too, especially if you take off early in the morning before they’re bothered by others with the same idea.

See more great pictures of our favourite national park at –

Eastern Grey Kangaroos grazing on roadside

Creating Beautiful Posters

I use photographs as the basis of the art I display in my home, to publish books and to beautify my computer desktop. This photograph of tulips growing in a garden originated from a photo I’d taken during an open garden tour at “The Dale” historic home near Yarram.

Beginning with a high quality image taken with a full frame camera, editing in photoshop to boost the colours and blur aspects of the background and then adding a title has turned what was once a fairly basic photo, into a work of art.