Mount Worth State Park

Mount Worth State Park bushland

A friend told me I should visit Mount Worth State Park because she thought it was even nicer to photograph than the beautiful Tarra Bulga National Park.

Well, I was quite blown away on my first visit last week and have taken a huge gallery of beautiful photographs of the native bush at Mount Worth State Park.

I found it by following the signs from Mirboo North and believe it to be well signed from the Korumburra and Warragul directions as well….stunning location, well worth a visit.


Baby Wombat Survives Bushfire

baby wombat survives bushfires

We found this gorgeous baby wombat wandering among the charred remains of the forest at Mirboo North / Darlimurla after the bushfires raged through parts of Gippsland in February 2009.

Burnt Out Wrecks After The Bush Fires

burnt out wrecks at Darlimurla

We drove through Mirboo North, Darlimurla and Boolarra after the devastating bush fires in February 2009.

These car wrecks and masses of other rubbish were stored close to a fibro clad home in dense bushland at Darlimurla.

Miraculously, the home was only slightly burnt along the carport. You have to wonder if the owners had any thought about the risk of fire to their property!

Credit must go to the fire fighters who worked tirelessly to save these dwellings, no matter how little they had prepared for such an event.

Each summer we are warned throut the media to prepare our properties for fire…the climate and geography in Australia contribute…the risks of bush fire are higher than in any other country…and our ‘tree-change’ lifestyle choices to build in dense bushland and at the end of narrow tracks, make it even more dangerous!

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Just Survived The Bush Fires

house survived the bushfires

The CFA (Country Fire Authority) members who fought the Mirboo North, Boolarra and Darlimurla fires were magnificent. So Many houses were saved. This beautiful property at the beginning of School Road, had a tractor loaded with water tanks in order to protect their own property.

But as we were driving around, we saw many with scrub, rubbish and trees very close to their homes. Most of these home were miraculously saved – only a few were lost.

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Flames From Mirboo North Bushfires

bushfire flames

No one slept in the beautiful country town of Mirboo North last night, as they congregated on the streets, parked in driveways, filled up their small water tanks, packed a few personal belongings and watched the glowing red sky in stunned silence.

The 45 degree temperatures yesterday were destined to cause problems in some part of South Gippsland, and the already 46 degrees at 10am this morning isn’t likely to bring any relief either.

Beautiful towns like Mirboo North and Boolarra have expanded rapidly over the last few years in the lush Strzelecki Ranges. One has to wonder if the burgeoning population of ‘tree-changers’ are pondering the pros and cons of their lifestyle choices.

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